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When Jackson finished chemotherapy, we were relieved that it was "over".  The truth is, cancer is never over.  There are still scans, clinic visits, blood draws, x-rays, etc... always with the looming question, "Will it return?"


There are so many residual effects on a family who has dealt with this trauma.  Our family wanted to take our grief and use that to lift others on their cancer journey. 


We are a Wolf pack.  We are family.  We play together, teach one another, enjoy one another, help those who are hurting, adopt others into our pack, and grieve with those at any phase of their battle with cancer.  We are working to create a haven where others battling childhood and young adult cancer can come and be cared for to find rest and joy, while meeting others who are also fighting cancer.  Our retreats will be a place of comfort and peace; and once you have joined our pack, you will ALWAYS be part of that pack!

Our Board members have all been affected by cancer in one form or another.  We are passionate about bringing aid to those who are living with this beast we call childhood and young adult cancer.  We are committed to offer compassion, relief, hope, joy, and a sense of belonging to those in need of reprieve from this awful monster.

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