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Wolf Haven Foundation fills a vital missing piece within our community as it provides the essential
support most needed by those facing the unknown fears of adolescent and young adult cancer. Our purpose is to provide support, companionship and love to families and young adult individuals in the community who are struggling as they navigate the unfamiliar waters of cancer. It is our goal to create a refuge filled with comfort, solace, and friendship which will buoy the spirits of those who are battling cancer. We strive to bring relief and joy into the lives of these patients during a time of immense pain as we offer compassionate guidance, timely care packages, and much needed financial aid.


Our primary objective is to build a warm and welcoming lodge which would provide a place of refuge for individuals and their families to gather and grow together with other patients. Our vision is to create a space where all who visit will walk away feeling supported, loved, and rejuvenated during their cancer journey and able to tackle any setback the disease will inevitably throw at them. We envision a special place filled with relaxation, peace and healing, as well as fun and energetic activities. This will happen all within the walls of the Wolf Haven Lodge.


Wolf Haven Lodge will be a space where patients will come to be served by others who volunteer their time through preparing meals, overseeing activities, cleaning the lodge, and providing loving support and smiles. It is our desire to create a sanctuary where cancer patients and their families can leave the world of hospitals, treatments, and doctors for a few days to do nothing but relax, breathe in the beautiful scenery, and be waited upon. It is our goal to help strengthen familial bonds during such a demanding and uncertain time, as well as encourage friendships for those who don’t have family nearby. We know that it is through sharing experiences and meeting others with similar stories that truly lifts one from a dark place. Wolf Have Foundation intends to serve, inspire, and guide adolescent and young adult cancer patients, along with their families, through this extremely trying and fearful time.

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