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Meet The Team


We are united in our mission to offer relief to families fighting childhood, adolescent, and young adult cancer.

President Dani Wolf


Dani (Mama Wolf) has been married to her sweetheart and best friend, Mike, just over 20years  (who she lovingly refers to as "Wolfy" or "El Lobo").  She is also the mom of a cancer survivor and 4 cancer sibling warriors.  Dani has lost many loved ones to cancer and cares deeply for those who have experienced that loss.  She enjoys the beach, mountains, hiking, paddle boarding, reading, Yoga, and Pilates.  She adores her loyal dogs who never left Jackson's side while he was at home during chemo.  Dani is currently working toward a Bachelor's Degree in Marriage and Family Studies and has volunteered as the Head Registrar for Impact United Recreational Soccer Club since 2013.  She has also been the Office Manager at Harding Financial Partners since 2017 and will be forever grateful for her employer who so graciously accommodated her hectic schedule while Jackson was in treatment by allowing her to work from the hospital and home, allowing her to keep her job and supporting her during the hardest time of her life.

Vice President Julie Cantera


Julie is no stranger to the multifaceted cancer world as she supported both her husband and daughter through the treatments and aftermath of stage four cancers.  Her understanding and knowledge of the needs of patients and families grew exponentially during these years and she knows that Wolf Haven Foundation can offer the resources and respite many teens and young adults are searching for.  Julie begins her days before the sunrise hiking, ski touring, or sledding the canyons near her home.  She also enjoys mountain biking, backpacking, tennis, travel, reading and spending time with her family.  Julie has volunteered for numerous organizations including Serve Refugees, Granite School District PTA, and the Salt Lake Swim and Tennis Club.  She currently is working for Hale Center Theater in the box office which fits her personality perfectly as it combines her love for people with the local theater community.

Karie Sorensen


Karie is a mom to 4 children ages 17-7 and has been married to Don "Beef" for almost 20 years. Her dog Hazel brings her joy and they love walking and hiking through the mountains together. She owns and runs a custom floral business out of her home and has worked in the floral and home garden business for over 20 years. She loves to read, hike, snowboard, cheesy romantic movies and traveling. She is currently serving as secretary on the PTA board at her local school, and secretary in her local church for the youth program. She, like many, has been closely impacted by the difficulties and uncertainty that come with a cancer diagnosis and treatment. Having lost several family members to cancer, she is grateful for the opportunity to help lift and care for those currently battling this illness. 

Steph Dagley


Stephanie was raised in Anchorage, Alaska. She enjoys running and spending time with her family skiing, boating and being outdoors. She is excited to contribute to those afflicted by cancer and to support patients and their families. 


WHY? Cancer not only affects the patient and family but it affects everyone. I have become stronger and enjoy life more fully as I watch others go through this cancer journey.

Marketing Director 
Cara Fox


Since she was young Cara has always had a passion for creating beautiful spaces. She has always been very in tune to the feeling they can create. Her style has been honed through her travels throughout the world. The time she has spent in the English countryside and the East Coast have been particularly influential.  Cara spends as much of her free time as she can with her husband, Tom, and their 5 beautiful children and 2 dogs, their cat and horses. Whether it’s enjoying time in their own home or traveling, they love being with their family.  Cara loves riding horses and seeing her children share in the same passion.

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